The Ysgaw Table

Creating a fresh view of an age old concept is the difficulty that will face humanity until the end of time. My thought process in the making of this table came from the fact that for years I have had an old G-plan stool in my living room that has spent most of it’s life being a haphazard coffee table. In my other life as a guitar player, it has been used as the seat of choice for rehearsals. Its height of 420mm seems almost perfect and you can truly sit on it for hours when rehearsing. As a coffee table, bless it, it doesn’t cut the mustard as well, but its great if you need an extra chair for guests around the table. I thought if I could combine the perfect seat height with a more robust table element, I’d have something I could use a lot. I also wanted it strong enough to stand on for the old light bulb switch-a-roo. Wanting it to have something different in the way it looks I used M.C. Escher – Relativity as an influence on the support of the legs.

So here it is ‘The Ysgaw’, a coffee table that doubles up as a bench or stool depending on the size. The tables featured in the photographs have tops made from reused engineered oak floor boarding. The legs are made from steel and all joints are welded.

Should you wish to commission an Ysgaw table please get in touch. Prices are dependent on the size of table, the material used for the top and the paint finish. Tables can be provided with a powder coated finish at extra cost. A base unit with a 370mm x 700mm top starts at around £200.00.

The Ysgaw table design is copyright Charlie Beresford 2020

Contact: brightfield(at) using Ysgaw in the subject line.